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Spirulinex Capsule
(Earth's most precious secret)

Spirulinex is a food supplement of exceptionally high nutritional value. It is recommended to be used by all inclusive of convalescing patients, malnourished children, adults and healthy people who otherwise by default may miss out on essential nutrition body needs.


An excellent Food Supplement for all Nutritional demands of body.


Each 500mg Capsule contains : SPIRULINA

Nutritional information of SPIRULINA

Sl.No. Botanical Name Qty in mg
1 Betacarotene 0.75 mg
2 Carbohydrate 70 mg
3 Carotenoids 1.75 mg
4 Chlorophyll 5.0 mg
5 Lipids 25 mg
6 Minerals 35 mg
7 Moisture 2.5 mg
8 Protein 300 mg


One Capsule twice daily or as directed by the Physician.


10 * 10's Pack


SPIRULINEX is an Excellent Food Supplement for all Nutritional Demands of Body.